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3M Health Information Systems is committed to eliminating revenue cycle waste, creating more time to care and leading the shift from volume to value-based care. We are closing the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity, providing clinicians with real-time guidance and accurate documentation. From computer-assisted coding (CAC) to clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and performance monitoring, 3M’s automated and intuitive software can help reduce costs and provide more informed care. 

3M Science. Applied to Life. 3M United States 



The American Medical Association (AMA) is the powerful ally for physicians and the promise of higher quality health care. The AMA Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set is a comprehensive, standardized language that empowers physicians and health systems to improve quality, increase access, and lower costs.  Constantly updated and trusted for more than 50 years, the CPT code set enables innovative clinical practices and technologies that support the modern delivery of care. CPT: The language of medicine today. The code to its future.

CPT: The language of medicine today. The code to its future.

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Knwbility is the knowledge center and our role is to educate and train healthcare professionals to create a sustainable business through continuous learning. We offer training on Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Diagnostics Related Group (DRG) training and implementation, certification programs, medical audits and consulting, local healthcare regulator’s laws, available through blended learning combining face to face interaction together with our dedicated online Learning Management System. Our interactive and practical learning approach makes Knwbility your trusted partner for all training and consulting requirements, helping you run an efficient business in an ever-evolving healthcare market.

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Shearwater Health, Inc. knows that hospitals need to achieve complete and accurate coding in their revenue cycle. We provide dedicated teams of clinical coders to ensure cost efficiency and compliance while preserving hospitals’ control over revenue cycle operations. We believe in a partnership that feels like an extension of hospitals’ revenue cycle team, not another black box. That’s why our dedicated teams of clinical coders focus on achieving the revenue our clients have earned and give them transparent revenue cycle management operations. Based in Nashville, USA, with offices in Manila and Cebu, Philippines, Shearwater Health employs over 3,000 medical professionals globally. We have proudly helped our clients solve healthcare problems every hour of every day for decades.



SNOMED International is a not-for-profit organization that owns and develops SNOMED CT. We play an essential role in improving the health of humankind by determining standards for a codified language that represents groups of clinical terms. This enables healthcare information to be exchanged globally for the benefit of patients and other stakeholders. We are committed to the rigorous evolution of our products and services, to deliver continuous innovation for the global healthcare community. SNOMED International is the trading name of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation. Learn more at






CDIA was born out of a group of Australian doctors and nurses who observed how the quality of clinical documentation was impacting patients from a safety, quality and communication perspective, and hospitals from a funding perspective. Disillusioned with the mantra to “write more”, CDIA sought a better way. 

Since 2016, CDIA has partnered with many of AustraliaNew Zealand, and Saudi Arabia’s leading hospitals, and have educated more than 8,000 clinicians and health professionals about clinical documentation improvement.  

Our mission 

Empowering clinicians to deliver safer care to every patient. 

  • By partnering with hospitals, we create a documentation culture that reflects the clinical truth 
  • Ensures hospital funding reflects patient complexity 
  • Enhances the integrity of healthcare data 

Our core values 

  • Building enduring relationships through authentic connections 
  • Timely and honest feedback 
  • Exceptional customer service 
  • Reliable and respectful 
  • Insist on the highest standards 
  • Ownership and innovation 
  • Culture of privacy 




Dr. Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang have spent the last two decades designing effective, efficient, sustainable programs that empower people to do their jobs better (and happier) and create real results for hospitals.

As the field of CDI has emerged in Australia, Jenny Fitzpatrick and Sam Heynemann of the Uplift Group recognized the need for a resource for the Australian context. When they found the original CDI Pocket Guide™, they reached out to Cynthia and Richard, and together these four seasoned experts created the CDI Pocket Guide™ for ICD-10-AM and AR-DRGs.






Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management is the lifeline of any healthcare provider, and its measure of endurance against economy volatilities. We as patients have all experienced RCM whenever we sought treatment in a healthcare facility using our insurance policy, which in many times wasn’t the best experience. But we all need our healthcare sector to be healthy and providing. This is why ACCUMED came to life more than a decade ago and introduced innovative technology and revenue cycle management solutions that set a new industry standard, assisted healthcare providers to grow and flourish in an insurance-oriented market while improving patient care, revolutionized how the healthcare industry manages its revenue streams and ultimately aided in the longevity of the healthcare sector as a whole. with more than 100 Million Dirhams invested so far, we are proud to be a UAE born company that managed to expand regionally & globally, and became the reference point of the RCM industry in the region.





Dedalus is the leading provider of healthcare and diagnostic software in Europe and one of the world’s largest. Our shareholding structure guarantees financial capacity and stability, thanks to the investment from Ardian, the largest private investment company in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

In 2016, Dedalus decided to accelerate its expansion strategy by focusing on the accelerating demand for innovative and comprehensive solutions to support the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

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Better transforms healthcare organisations with Better Platform, the market-leading open data platform, Better Meds electronic prescribing and medication administration solution, award-winning Pathfinder chronic disease management system, and clinical Better Portal. The company is putting organisations in control of their data, workflows, and transformation plans, all with the aim of simplifying the work of care teams to improve lives. In the last three decades, Better has provided solutions for more than 150 clients across 15 countries worldwide, and Better Platform securely supports over 22 million patients.  Learn more at


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Malaffi - the Abu Dhabi Health Information Exchange, is the Middle East region’s first Health Information Exchange platform that will securely connect all public and private healthcare providers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to create a unified patient record and to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes.  

Malaffi is a strategic initiative of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi and is a key component in the digital transformation of the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi.   

With universal, Emirate-wide participation of facilities and patients, Malaffi will facilitate the meaningful real-time exchange of health information between healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, and government authorities.  

Providing instant access to the patient’s medical history, Malaffi will enhance the transition of care and care coordination, reduce overutilization and duplication of tests and procedures, and will enable the practice of precision medicine. 

As a centralized database of robust population health information, Malaffi will inform and drive the DOH’s public health initiatives for a healthier Abu Dhabi.   

Malaffi – Abu Dhabi Health Information Exchange | Connecting Healthcare 

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